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Are you bullish on search engine optimization?

Stock market view of seo

Yes! I am drawing a comparison between stock markets and search engine optimization.

The big picture

So let us look at the larger picture, the biggest asset that one can create in today’s world is a “.com”. I look at google as the trading place for websites and I see “page rank” as the commodity. Every website on the planet is doing everything possible to build a higher page rank. But when the market crashes – penguin , panda and the likes ….they are lessons to be learnt.

The big traders

But before that, let us look at the big traders or the warren buffets of this world. Neil patel, Shaun Anderson, Jacob King are top search results when you type anything related to “seo”, try it!. The tips & tricks of these masters influence many websites. They have a lot of useful information that can take your website to the top 10 pages for your chosen keywords. But when you are building a sustainable business are you giving too much importance to the page rank? I’ll come back to it.

How to seo?


Content is KING!

The knowledge that I am sharing here is entirely based on my experience with my startup, Yes! I am a solopreneur! and Yes! it has been tough. Now let us look at some factors that effect a website. Google has finally forced people to believe -“content is king” and I certainly believe so too. Why do you think all those big investment banks pay so much money to market researchers, their job is simply to build the most unique content, so the same goes for websites. Content could be your biggest asset on the internet. Parade your content and people are willing to like, share, follow, pin, spam and even hook up with you. By the way, did you like the cards graphic shown above. Yes! that is the kind of wall decor that you’ll find at

What is killing your website?

Backlinks-they will kill your website someday. All you need is google to find a new animal and a lot of websites will lose “page ranks” instantly. Now you need to be smart. Just like the stock market, when markets are risky, diversify!. Yes, create a portfolio of backlinks.

So where are your less risky links – the keyword here is “stick-to-your-niche”. Scout for guest posting, reviews, comments etc. to sites which offer a do-follow link. They should have a higher PR than your site, low other backlinks and no negative words. If you need help in finding such links then you must read my blog about how to find the World’s best search results. For all the out-of-the-box link building sources you must refer to Brian Dean’s latest.

Risky bets

Here are the risky ones. Blog comments – the spam doesn’t work anymore, network of blogs– I have nothing against it but I believe someone in google is going to develop an algorithm around it. There is an algorithm to predict betting in sports and frauds on casino tables so why not one for sudden rise in traffic from certain blogs, and now the guest post for seo – this is the first step of every digital marketing company on the planet. Things can really go wrong here. Can you believe someone actually send an e-mail to google to write a guest post for them.

Final word


Your word COUNTS!

When you do make mistakes. Exit! Remove those crappy links, do a better research to find better links. And do it over and over again till you die. Now I’ll come back to my question. Are you stressing too much about page ranks? Let us see – the biggest market crashes that caused many banks, countries and economies going bust has been caused by one and only one thing “word-of-mouth”. So a landslide can happen even when if you are a top ranking site. So how about solving a real-life problem efficiently for like shopping online –Amazon , or socializing- facebook and let people spread the word 🙂

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How to find world’s best search results in seconds?

How many times have you been frustrated searching on google?.No! I am not talking about the default 10 search results/page. You can always change that to 100. Here is how – Just go to , look for a settings link on the bottom right hand side corner. Go to search settings. Turn on google instant predictions to never show instant results. Done? Now just change your results per page to 100. But this is not what I am talking about. Continue reading

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Seo article writing

SEO article writing


Ok so any new business anywhere in the world will encounter this problem of search engine optimization (SEO). With each google update it is becoming more difficult to stay ahead.

Today I am talking about seo article submission, which is necessary to build quality backlinks.

Here is an example, let us say there is a website which sells wall art, wall paintings online and you are hired to write articles for them. So as we all know step 1 is google keyword planner. But don’t jump into it and start searching for millions keywords in categories like home decor or wall decor. Try using keyword organizer, this is a great tool for long-tail keyword search.  You should also use promediacorp suggester ,they can really help you with google auto complete search. So if you use keyword like wall paintings it will give you wall paintings online india if you searching in India. The long-tail keywords is your window to stay ahead.

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Building virtual teams for your start-up

virtual team

If you’re bootstrapping your business you’ll know every penny counts. You want to hire people who are productive and available at every hour. You cannot afford them to sit on the bench. Hence building a virtual team makes absolute sense. Here is why. Continue reading

Buying an already registered Domain Name

Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be a bit more difficult than it appears at first glance. You have to choose between a searchable domain name and a brand-able one, find a popular top level domain and be creative enough to come up with a short and catchy name. Of course, you may not be inspired from the very beginning or you might just discover that another entrepreneur has already thought of the name you’ve been so thrilled about. Here you have a few tips on domain name registration you could use if you want to register a domain name that has already been taken.

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Tips on choosing a good domain name

Domain Name

You should always think long and hard before you choose a domain name because this is perhaps the ONLY thing that you cannot change about your business. So here are a few tips to help you make an effective choice.

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Funding options for a start-up


All funding sources aim to make money off your business idea and you need funding to turn your business idea into a profitable business. The trade-off is quite simple but the challenge is to meet the right funding partner, here are your options.

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How to analyze your business idea before you write a business plan

Business Idea

You can turn your business idea into a successful one if you just make the necessary assessments at the right time. Your success as an entrepreneur starts not from the business plan, but from the analyses that precede it. There are plenty of tips on the internet on how to write a business plan. Let me give you some tips on what to do before you write one.

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