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How to find world’s best search results in seconds?

How many times have you been frustrated searching on google?.No! I am not talking about the default 10 search results/page. You can always change that to 100. Here is how – Just go to , look for a settings link on the bottom right hand side corner. Go to search settings. Turn on google instant predictions to never show instant results. Done? Now just change your results per page to 100. But this is not what I am talking about. Continue reading

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Seo article writing

SEO article writing


Ok so any new business anywhere in the world will encounter this problem of search engine optimization (SEO). With each google update it is becoming more difficult to stay ahead.

Today I am talking about seo article submission, which is necessary to build quality backlinks.

Here is an example, let us say there is a website which sells wall art, wall paintings online and you are hired to write articles for them. So as we all know step 1 is google keyword planner. But don’t jump into it and start searching for millions keywords in categories like home decor or wall decor. Try using keyword organizer, this is a great tool for long-tail keyword search.  You should also use promediacorp suggester ,they can really help you with google auto complete search. So if you use keyword like wall paintings it will give you wall paintings online india if you searching in India. The long-tail keywords is your window to stay ahead.

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